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Henan Province Campus Master Plan
Henan, China. 2013


Situated along waterfront facing the Xiaolangdi Dam’s reservoir of the Yellow River (the most historically significant river in China), the Henan campus master plan and urban design strategies help to construct symbiotic relationships between protection of vernacular terraces and design of environmentally productive and resilient infrastructure to address climate change and conserve the existing natural context as well as implement a high performance 150-acre, multi-functional institutional campus.

In the process of exploring the potentials of pairing growth with built-in resiliency, the master plan is derived from analytical and experiential interpretation of spatial layering, landscape morphologies, tectonic structuring, and programmatic construct to integrate the client’s institutional, recreational and athletic needs within the existing topographic and historical land use configurations. Sustainability initiatives include stormwater and graywater management systems, natural land conservation strategies, vernacular grotto residential typology preservation, flood protection and reutilization of post-agricultural land use terraces.

Urban design framework incorporates active and passive sustainability and high performance design standards to stabilize and generate a productive and cohesive campus. The design strategies include a systematic waterfront and upland terrace infrastructure to provide public amenities and stabilize the existing agricultural terraces in danger of erosion and collapse due to minimal maintenance.

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