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Red Lotus Lake
Wuhan, China. 2011

HyperBina is the lead designer and master planner for this 350-acre mixed-use residential community development in Wuhan, China. The approximate RMB 1.6 billion public-private development has the support of local planning authorities and incorporates a large capital investment in community infrastructure, including first tier elementary and secondary educational facilities. The master plan seeks to preserve local terrain features, maximize waterfront access and find the appropriate balance among commercial, office, community and residential ele-ments.

HyperBina is also the designer of a 580,000 sq. ft. international school complex within the Wu-han development that accommodates Chinese and Western pedagogical approaches through flexible building form.

By reusing the site’s irrigation and water man-agement system, the project allows distribution of open green spaces while fostering a culturally rich landscape which has been cultivated for centuries.

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