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Riverlands Community
Zhuo Zhou, China. 2012

Riverlands is unique among satellite cities in close proximity to Beijing. Its central position between Beijing, the mountains, Historic Zhuo Zhou, and the coming Diexing International Airport, makes Riverlands a regional hub and gateway to major regional amenities. Our strategy is to develop the Riverlands urban design to support and appropriate the opportunities pre-sented by these assets in the region, whereby creating a viable and competitive community.

Riverlands is the proverbial combination of four communities, but its competitive advantage lies in how it can differ from each. Its strategic development should benefit from the assets provided by regional amenities in these communities without the associated disadvantages. The programmatic building blocks of the Riverlands urban design should thus cultivate a symbiotic relationship: provide development resources consistent with the needs of neighboring regional communities while also establishing gateways for the Riverlands communities to benefit from the region.

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