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Bejing Co-working Space
Beijing, China. 2015

In today’s evolving landscape of business and social innovation, personal experiences and interactions within the global shared economy are in constant state of flux. The significant impact of technological innovation has resulted in workplace preferences for flexibility, including how we work (interaction, mobility, telecommunication, etc.), where we work, and how we measure work productivity (efficiency, flexibility and production value).

Optimization in flexibility of office environment, including spatial configuration, program composition, and environmental conditions, is a key component to the future development of office environment in the shared economy. Thus, the proposal for the Beijing Highlight Design Center’s fifth floor office focuses on maximizing the nexus of economic and aesthetic values through spatial, tectonic and programmatic flexibility to create an environment that is tailored to a diverse spectrum of innovative enterprises.

The spatially interesting and reconfigurable garden courtyard, a cultural and spatial element that functions as the core of the design idea, bridges the tranquil working area with the interactive zone to form a coherent main social space with flexibility to accommodate multifunctional events. Three spatially and distinct loops structure the programmatic organization of the project to provide a working environment that is tailored to create optimal environments for leisure, co-working and individual serenity zones.

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